Watertruck continues as Watertruck+
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Watertruck, a European Interreg IVB project, aims at the further development and optimization of cargo transport using small inland waterways by introducing a new navigational concept, consisting of a pusher and adapted pushed barges. As a result, an efficient and flexible road haulage model is applied to inland navigation. The two most important characteristics and advantages in comparison to the traditional inland navigation with motorised inland vessels are:

  • No longer accommodation on board of the innovative, small pusher
  • Decoupling of loading/unloading from the navigation itself

The Watertruck concept aims at tackling the biggest threats of the current traditional inland navigation:

  • Rapidly disappearing of small inland vessels from the supply side of the transport market
  • Lack of intake of labour forces for inland navigation on small waterways

Take a look at the Watertruck pilot project in Brussels, Gistel, Meerhout, North-Brabant and Maubeuge.

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